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Initial registration is open to the 17th of February 2019. We will create an initial casting of the list of players at this date. Players registering after this date are placed on free game positions if they are available.

Costs to participate in the game are €20,– for players and €10,– for umpires. The game material will be distributed as pdfs by email.

Registration form

<form> Action mail thanks “Thanks for registering for this game. We will contact you through email.”

Fieldset “Your information” Textbox “Name” Email “Your E-Mail Address”

fieldset “Your role” select “Select a Tribe or Role ” “Any role|Any player role|Any druid role|Arverni|Aedui|Bellovaci|Eburones|Remi|Armorica|Roman|Bard|Roman Trader|Control” Textbox “Group name (if you want to register as one group)” ! textarea “Other information” ! submit “Register”


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