De Bello Gallico I and II

This game was first played in Utrecht, 13th of March 2010. This game will be restaged in Brussel (with slightly altered rules) on the 24th of March, 2018 in GC De Linde, Kortenbachstraat 7, 1130 Haren, Brussel. The registration for this game is already open. You are referred to De Bello Gallico II in Brussel for the actual game registration.

Caesar's war in Gaul

In the spring of 58 BC a Roman proconsul intervenes in the migration of the Gallic tribe of the Helvetii into territories of tribes allied to the Roman republic. With great loss of life the survivors are chased back into the Alps. Although his arrival is ostensibly to boost Rome's allies, it also provides the stage for the military ambitions of the proconsul and he intends to make his presence felt in all of Gaul.

This game covers the struggle between the Gallic nobles as they try to take advantage of the developments set in motion by Caesar's arrival. Should they cooperate with the Romans, or aim to establish themselves as the pre-eminent tribe of an independent Gaul? or should they focus on strengthening their position within the tribe?

This game will feature several teams representing the most powerful tribal coalitions in Gaul with players representing the major clans within those tribes. Each will have a following, which will increase with successful raiding of neighbouring tribes and capture of booty. Although one player will lead the tribe, Gallic kingship is based on military prowess and can never be taken for granted.

Meanwhile, Caesar has plans of his own. Plagued by debts and far from the political limelight of the forum in Rome, he will have to work hard to turn his office into a profitable venture and keep himself in the public eye through extraordinary achievements abroad.

Vercingetorix Gaius Iulius Caesar

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