Upcoming Megagames

The following games are planned for the upcoming winter and spring (Last update: 13th of December 2017):

The Freedom of Urr – Siege of the Free City of Urr UsNijmegen27 January
Cockroaches, Copper & Cows – The Mexican Revolution, 1913Pennine GamesManchester17 February
De Bello Gallico II – Julius Caesar in GaulMarc SeutterBrussel24 March
Divided Land – A megagame set in the chaos of the Palestine problem in 1947Terry MartinLondon21 April
God's sake Nelly, why didn't you marry him? – The Seven Days Battles of the American Civil WarWouter de Groot
Sicco Steenhuisen
12 May
A Very British Civil War – Fantasy megagame set in an alternate timeline of 1938Paul HowarthLondon19 May
Blood and Thunder – Role playing and sculduggeryJim WallmanLondon16 June
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