Upcoming Megagames

The following games are planned for the upcoming winter and spring (Last update: 23rd of May 2018):

Blood and Thunder – Role playing and sculduggeryJim WallmanLondon16 June
Megamunda – Gangs and inquisitors in the near future. And judges…Phillip HowarthManchester28 July
Everybody Dies III: Playing With Fire – A prequel to the Game of Thrones series. With dragons!Becky LadleyLeeds1 September
Hands of the Many – 5th Century BC Greek politics and warfare in the Peloponnesian WarAndrew Hadley
Bruce Walton
London15 September
Deus Vult – the megagame of the First Crusade from Christian and Muslim perspectivesTerry MartinLondon20 October
War to End War – the final stages of the First World War - to mark the centenaryJon CaseyLondon17 November
Juntas – Intrigue, espionage and coups in 60's South AmericaPaul HowarthManchester24 November
City of the Devil – A megagame of heresy, war and high politics in early 13th century EuropeRichard HandsLondon 1 December
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