Upcoming Megagames

The following games are planned for the upcoming summer, autumn and winter (Last update: 19th of August 2017):

Crisis in Elysium – Political, Military and Economic Science Fiction megagame set on a futuristic Mars.Alex BeckLondon2 September
Still Not Over By Christmas – an Alternate History game about the war that never was, the Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany in the mid-1980s.Rob CooperManchester23 September
Crisis in Binni – A Megagame about a humanitarian crisisJim WallmanBrussel14 October
Red Dawn? – The Centenary Megagame of the Russian Civil WarBernie GanleyLondon21 October
Undeniable Victory – The Megagame of the Iran-Iraq WarBen MooresLondon18 November
The Last Romans – Justinian's Re-conquest of the WestPaulManchester25 November
The Freedom of Urr – Siege of the Free City of Urr ManyNijmegen27 January
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