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OPERATION BARBAROSSA: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, with lots of information of orders of battle


We've done a few reviews of books on the list on Goodreads, so follow the links if you want to read more. We'll be adding more reviews over time. Keep track of updates through twitter and facebook. Feel free to use twitter, facebook or megagamesnl at to send us a few suggestions!

Christopher Bellamy, Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War. Extensive monograph on the whole war but mostly on pre-war and 1941.

Martin van Creveld, Supplying War. Has a chapter on the logistical difficulties of the Barbarossa campaign

Robert Edwards, White Death: Russia's War With Finland 1939 1940. The Winter War and how it affected the Red Army

David Glantz, Clash of Titans. One of the first attempts by Glantz to present the new knowledge from the Russian archive in the mid 1990s

David Glantz, Before Stalingrad: Barbarossa, Hitler's Invasion of Russia 1941. A later synthesis of Glantz' work in the 1990s. Better read than his earlier work and detailed operational stuff

Robert Kirchubel, Operation Barbarossa 1941 (1): Army Group South. Osprey Campaign series. Introductory operational analysis

Robert Kirchubel, Operation Barbarossa 1941 (2): Army Group North. Osprey Campaign series. Introductory operational analysis

Robert Kirchubel, Operation Barbarossa 1941 (3): Army Group Centre. Osprey Campaign series. Introductory operational analysis

Catherine Merridale, Ivan's War: The Red Army, 1939 45. The Red Army in several stages of development (Finland, 1941-42 and late war) through the eyes of the common soldier

David Murphy, What Stalin Knew: The Enigma of Barbarossa. Extensive analysis of the multitude of intelligence sources that in 1941 pointed towards German attack on the Soviet Union. And why Stalin didn't believe them

Bogdan Musial, Kampfplatz Deutschland Stalins Kriegspläne Gegen Den Westen. Extensive discussion of Russian rearmament in the 1930s, linked with collectivisation, industrialisation, and purges

Richard Overy, Russia's War. Epic book on the whole war but good on pre-war and Barbarossa

John Strawson, Hitler as a military commander. Hitler's relationship with the army and his style of command

Gerd Ueberschär, Der Deutsche Überfall Auf Die Sowjetunion, “Unternehmen Barbarossa” 1941. Treatment of POWs, economic aspects, the choice to attack, Russian reactions, and the start of the Holocaust

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