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The cost to participate in the game is €20,– for players and €10,– for umpires. The game material will be distributed as pdfs by email. You can enlist individually or as a group. The Clan player teams will be Hojo, Miyoshi, Oda, Takeda, Uesugi, Mori and Imagawa. There will be two Warrior Monk player teams namely Enryaku-Ji and Hongan-Ji and one player team for the Bakufu. If there are really many registrations we can always add more Clan player teams.

Read Introduction for more information on the game.

Registration form

<form> Action mail thanks “Thanks for registering for this game. We will contact you through email.”

Fieldset “Your information” Textbox “Name” Email “Your E-Mail Address”

fieldset “Your role” select “Select a Role” “No preference|Umpire|Clan leader|Clan General|Clan Elder|Clan Heir|Clan Chamberlain|Abott|Senior Monk|Civil Servant” select “Select a corresponding team” “No preference|Hojo|Miyoshi|Oda|Takeda|Uesugi|Mori|Imagawa|Enryaku-Ji|Hongan-Ji|Bakufu” Textbox “Team name” ! textarea “Other information” ! submit “Register”


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