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 fieldset "Your role" fieldset "Your role"
-select "​Select a Tribe or Role " "Any role|Any player role|Arverni|Aedui|Bellovaci|Eburones|Remi|Armorica|Roman|Bard|Roman Trader|Control"​+select "​Select a Tribe or Role " "Any role|Any player ​role|Any druid role|Arverni|Aedui|Bellovaci|Eburones|Remi|Armorica|Roman|Bard|Roman Trader|Control"​
 Textbox "Group name (if you want to register as one group)"​ ! Textbox "Group name (if you want to register as one group)"​ !
 textarea "Other information"​ ! textarea "Other information"​ !
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