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 ===== Upcoming Megagames ===== ===== Upcoming Megagames =====
-The following games are planned for the upcoming ​winter and spring ​(Last update: ​13<sup>th</​sup>​ of December 2017):+The following games are planned for the upcoming ​autumn ​(Last update: ​3<sup>rd</​sup>​ of September 2018):
 |Game|By|Location|Date| |Game|By|Location|Date|
-|[[urpub:​introduction|The Freedom of Urr]] -- Siege of the Free City of Urr |Us|Nijmegen|27 January| +|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/megagame-hotm.htm|Hands of the Many]] -- 5th Century BC Greek politics and warfare ​in the Peloponnesian War|Andrew Hadley \\ Bruce Walton|London|15 September
-|[[http://​www.penninemegagames.co.uk/cockroaches-copper--cows.html|Cockroaches,​ Copper & Cows]] -- The Mexican Revolution, 1913|Pennine Games|Manchester|17 February| +|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/​megagame-gwi.htm|Deus Vult]] -- the megagame of the First Crusade from Christian and Muslim perspectives|Terry Martin|London|20 October
-|[[dbg:​introduction|De Bello Gallico II]] -- Julius Caesar ​in Gaul|Marc Seutter|Brussel|24 March+|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/​megagame-wtew.htm|War to End War]] -- the final stages ​of the First World War - to mark the centenary|Jon Casey|London|17 November
-|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/​megagame-dl.htm|Divided Land]] -- megagame ​set in the chaos of the Palestine problem in 1947|Terry Martin|London|21 April+|[[http://​www.penninemegagames.co.uk/juntas.html|Juntas]] -- Intrigue, espionage and coups in 60's South America|Paul Howarth|Manchester|24 November
-|[[nelly:introduction|God's sake Nelly, why didn't you marry him?]] -- The Seven Days Battles ​of the American Civil War|Wouter de Groot \\ Sicco Steenhuisen|Braunfels,​\\ ​ Germany|12 May+|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/​megagame-cotd.htm|City of the Devil]] -- A megagame of heresy, war and high politics in early 13th century Europe|Richard Hands|London| ​1 December|
-|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/megagame-vbcw.htm|A Very British Civil War]] -- Fantasy megagame set in an alternate timeline of 1938|Paul Howarth|London|19 May+
-|[[http://​www.megagame-makers.org.uk/​megagame-b&t4.htm|Blood and Thunder]] -- Role playing ​and sculduggery|Jim Wallman|London|16 June| +
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