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 Read [[moe6:​introduction|Master of Europe VI]] for more information on the game.\\ Read [[moe6:​introduction|Master of Europe VI]] for more information on the game.\\
-==== Registration ​form ==== +==== Registration ==== 
-<​form>​ +We are in Braunfells and automatic registration is not possible any more.
-Action mail moe6@megagame-makers.nl+
-thanks "​Thanks for registering for this gameWe will contact you through email."​+Please mail questions to moe6 at megagame-makers dot nl.
-Fieldset "Your information"​ 
-Textbox ​ "​Name"​ 
-textarea "Your Postal Address"​ 
-Email "Your E-Mail Address"​ 
-Fieldset "GHS membership"​ 
-select "GHS member"​ "​Select|Yes|No"​ 
-fieldset "Your role" 
-select "​Select a Role" "No preference|Umpire|Head of State/​Diplomat|Military High Command|Military Army Command"​ 
-select "​Select a Nationality"​ "No preference|French|Prussian|Austrian|Swedish|Russian|English (Diplomat)|German states"​ 
-Textbox "Team name" ! 
-textarea "Other information"​ ! 
-submit "​Register"​ 
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