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Costs to participate in the game are €25,– for players and €12,50 for umpires. The casting has been done and we are closing the registration unless you register as a liaison umpire (We are still one short).

Read Introduction for more information on the game.

Registration form

<form> Action mail thanks “Thanks for registering for this game. We will contact you through email.”

Fieldset “Your information” Textbox “Name” textarea “Your Postal Address” Email “Your E-Mail Address”

fieldset “Your role” select “Select a Role or Command Level” “No preference|Divisional Command|Corps Command|High Command|Air force|Liaison Umpire|Game Control” select “Select a Nationality” “No preference|English|American|Allied|German” Textbox “Team name” ! textarea “Other information” ! submit “Register”


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