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 ===== Game Location ===== ===== Game Location =====
 The game will be held at the **Activiteitencentrum Doddendaal**, ​ The game will be held at the **Activiteitencentrum Doddendaal**, ​
-Achter Valburg 2, Nijmegen, indicated ​by the following ​ ​[[http://​maps.google.nl/​maps?​f=q&​source=s_q&​hl=nl&​geocode=&​q=Achter+Valburg,​+Nijmegen-Centrum,​+Nijmegen&​aq=0&​oq=Achter+Valbu&​sll=52.469397,​5.509644&​sspn=2.476435,​4.152832&​vpsrc=0&​t=m&​ie=UTF8&​hq=&​hnear=Achter+Valburg,​+Nijmegen-Centrum,​+Nijmegen,​+Gelderland&​z=16|Google Maps link]].+Achter Valburg 2, Nijmegen, indicated ​in the diagram of this  ​[[http://​maps.google.nl/​maps?​f=q&​source=s_q&​hl=nl&​geocode=&​q=Achter+Valburg,​+Nijmegen-Centrum,​+Nijmegen&​aq=0&​oq=Achter+Valbu&​sll=52.469397,​5.509644&​sspn=2.476435,​4.152832&​vpsrc=0&​t=m&​ie=UTF8&​hq=&​hnear=Achter+Valburg,​+Nijmegen-Centrum,​+Nijmegen,​+Gelderland&​z=16|Google Maps link]]. 
 +===== Coming by car from the north or east ===== 
 +In this case you enter Nijmegen via the N325 and cross the (historic) 
 +Waalbridge. Continue straight ahead along the N326 until you reach the 
 +central roundabout of Nijmegen, the Keizer Karel plein (notorious 
 +because traffic on the round-about has to give way). This is the 
 +round-about in the diagram. 
 +===== Coming by car from the west via the A15 ===== 
 +If you come from the west via the A15, follow it towards Kleef/​Bemmel 
 +(and ignore directions Nijmegen), until you reach its last exit, where 
 +you leave it towards Nijmegen/​Kleef via the N325. Then follow previous directions. 
 +===== Coming by car from the northwest via the A12 ===== 
 +Follow the A50 towards Nijmegen and then the A15 towards Kleef/​Bemmel. 
 +See prevous directions. 
 +===== Coming by car from the south via the A73 ===== 
 +At junction Wychen, follow the A326 to your right towards Nijmegen (center). 
 +Continue for about 7 km (this road is already called the Graafseweg),​ until 
 +you reach the Keizer Karel plein. 
 +===== Coming by car from the south-west via the A50 ===== 
 +Turn to the right at junction Bankhoef towards Nijmegen via the A326. 
 +Then follow previous directions. 
 +===== Coming by rail ===== 
 +Travel to Nijmegen CS, shown in the left of the diagram, and then walk to 
 +the Activiteitencentrum. It is only a 5 minutes walk. 
 +===== Parking in Nijmegen ===== 
 +There are several options to park your car. There are a number of 
 +parking places available around the centre of Nijmegen. When you enter the 
 +centre, there are signs that indicate the nearest available ones and their 
 +current capacity. As the game starts early, it should not be that difficult 
 +to find a place. It may be that the parking place at the Nassaulaan (in the 
 +centre of the diagram) still has space available. However, check the closing 
 +time of the parking place with the time that you intend to leave. Some will 
 +already close at 19.00. 
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