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 +====== Paying your game fee ======
 +===== Costs for printed game material =====
 +In addition to the entrance fee, we will charge €5,-- if you want to receive your game material in print.
 +===== GHS members =====
 +The Operation Goodwood megagame is free of charge for GHS members, if you are registered for the game.
 +===== non GHS members =====
 +If you are not a GHS member, the cost to participate is the normal game fee of €20,-- for players and €10,-- for umpires. The GHS, however, will give you free access to the GHS Hexacon on Saturday and Sunday and you may enter the Hexacon earlier at GHS membership costs. To pay the game fee, please transfer the game fee to our bank account:
 + Stichting Megagames Nederland (or short Stg. Megagames NL).
 + Bank account:​ 614146402,​ ABN AMRO, Delft
 + IBAN:​ NL30ABNA0614146402
 +Regretfully,​ we cannot receive IBAN payments from participants from the U.K. Therefore, we will accept cash payments from our U.K. participants. For all other players, we prefer payment per (electronic) transfer, but we will of course accept cash at the entrance.
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