Clash of Titans V: Operation Barbarossa

by Mukel Patel and Marc Seutter
XXXIII. GHS Hexacon, Haus des Gastes, Braunfels, Germany, 1st of June 2019

This game has been cancelled

Due to a shortage of players, we have decided to cancel this game. At the moment of writing (8th of May), we have 25 registered participants, which is too few for the entire game, for which we need some 45 participants (players and umpires). Those that did register for this game, will get a mail from us soon. What was interesting is that most that registered had a preference for the southern part of the theater (HGR South, Kiev and Odessa Military District).

To check whether there is sufficient interest among the GHS Hexacon visitors for an Operation Barbarossa megagame for next year, we will hold an inquiry during the upcoming Hexacon. It might simply be that not enough people knew that we were going to offer this game during the upcoming Hexacon.


On 22nd June 1941, Adolf Hitler unleashed the might of the German Army on Soviet Russia. After having kept Stalin in the dark of their intentions, the Germans achieved complete strategic surprise. In a few weeks the Wehrmacht won a series of stunning victories that brought the Red Army to its knees. Almost…

Operation Barbarossa picks up the battle shortly after the German attack. Teams will represent the top commanders and their staffs on both sides. With turns spanning half a month, the teams will have to plan ahead through different phases of the campaign, but also deal with crises and opportunities on the battlefield. After all, this is the age of Blitzkrieg.

Will the Soviets be able to improvise a defense from the wreckage of the border battles? How much of their precious armaments industry can they move to the east in time? Will the Germans be able to achieve their objectives within their logistical limitations before the coming of winter?

Location and game fee

The game will be played on the 1st of June, 2019 at the XXXIII. GHS Hexacon in das Haus des Gastes, Fürst-Ferdinand-Straße. 4a, Braunfels, Germany. The Hexacon is the yearly gathering of the GHS (Gesellschaft für Historische Simulationen), which lasts a full week (this year from the 27th of May till the 2nd of June 2019) during which the GHS members can participate in all kinds of boardgames and wargames (usually but not always) with a historic background.

The Operation Barbarossa megagame is free of charge for GHS members, if you register for the game before the end of April 2019. If you do so, we will give you a preferential treatment in the casting for the game. However to avoid game organisation problems, we also expect you to participate if you register for the game. If you register after the end of April, we will already have made our preliminary casting, so you might get a role you may not like.

If you are not a GHS member and have registered for this game, you will pay a special entrance fee of €25,– at the GHS entrance, which gives you the right to enter the GHS Hexacon on Saturday and Sunday. This is different than last year, because the GHS has altered its entrance fees.

We will send the game materials through this webpage and by email.


Player teams could include: Stavka, OKH/OKW/OKL, Leningrad Military District, Army Group North, Finnish Forces (including the Army of Norway, sided with but independent from Army Group North), Baltic Military District, Army Group Center, Western Military District, Army Group South, Kiev Military District, Odessa Military District and Army Group Antonescu, subordinate to Army Group South.

Game roles

  • Army group teams: Commanding Officer, Operations officer, Communications officer, maybe Air force commander
  • High Command: Chief of staff, Air force commander, Operations officer
  • Umpires: Team liaison umpire, Map umpire, High Command/Political umpire, Air umpire and overall Game Control umpire

The game will involve a planning game for the German High Command team (OKH/OKW/OKL) earlier in the week of the Hexacon. Players enlisting for these roles are asked to reserve time in this period for a meeting and writing of the plan. We will make sure you have a clear idea of what is required in the plan.

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